Springtime Coats

I  love a good statement piece. Big earrings, a bright coat, unique shoes, I’m all over it. Fashion should always be fun and a pop of color doesn’t hurt anyone :p

According to my finacee I need more basics and less statement pieces, but to that my response is that I live my life with an exclamation mark and I can’t be bothered with boring clothes. I of course still appreciate a good classic piece but this post isn’t about that, its about bright fun jackets!

Scouring the corners of the web I came upon these fun jackets that deserve a double take. The details, the colors, *swoon* they’re just too good to be true. Check them out!Asos Printed Coat in Ornate Floral This trench takes it to the next level with this powder blue shade and sprinkled in flowers.

Open Dolman Jacket This Free People jacket has that cool girl slouchy look that I’m obsessed with! The bohemian print weaves in pops of pink, green, and blue keeping it fresh and interesting.

Enid Ruffled Coat These ruffle sleeves give you that delightfully soft feminine detail with a punch in the face of color.



Right as Rain WaterProof Jacket This yellow coat is just too adorable and instantly makes me think of paddington bear and the Morton Salt Girl.

San Francisco

Live it Local | Media Noche

Foodies rejoice! San Francisco has gotten itself another amazing Cuban restaurant 🙂  Media Noche is located in the mission district and the interiors are very modern with strong Havana vibes. Their menu has a decent selection of rice bowls, sandwiches and a few healthier options too. Upon first glance I was instantly drawn to the Lechon Asado. I blame the Filipino part of me. Anytime theres Lechon on the menu I must order it.

The dishes were mouthwatering with great flavor and perfect portions. The Lechon bowl was bit heavier than I usually do for lunch but it was so worth the cheat.  Continue Reading


A Perfect Match / Flower Power

As I’m setting into life as an newly engaged woman, I’m now starting to take a more decisive look at my wedding inspiration images in magazines, pinterest, etc. Before it was just for fun seeing all the amazing options out there, but now I have a timeline and decisions need to be made. (Although I do still have nearly a year and a half before the big day)

Today’s post is on flowers that strike my fancy and bouquets that are beyond belief. I’m still trying to settle on a color scheme or “theme” for the wedding but I think starting with the flowers is the best way for me to narrow it down. 

“Choose daisies, and you and your love will always be true to one another.” – Fortune-Telling Book For Brides

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Spring time in SF this year has been pretty windy & rainy; unfortunately not ideal weather to be wearing skirts and dresses. Although when you get a little bit of luck a sunny day pops up here and there. Making use of my opportunity I threw on the easiest red, white, and blue outfit you’d ever did see. Its not 4th of July inspired on anything, I’m just making a fun observation :p

This denim skirt has a bit of flare making it instantly flattering. It definitely was the perfect outfit for walking around on a sunny Saturday afternoon. And these sandals, I can’t go on enough about the comfort level. Typically I don’t wear heels but these are a game changer.


Skirt – Asos Denim Button Front Mini Skater

Shoes – Aldo Resplandina Sandal

San Francisco

Live it Local | Afterlife Boutique + TacoBar

Being lucky enough to grow up in San Francisco, I’ve bounced from neighborhood to neighborhood and experienced great local shopping/eats everywhere I went.

I’m starting this segment to feature awesome spots that you should totally check out if you’re visiting, or if you’re looking to discover new places in your own city :pWalking around the sunny mission neighborhood I rediscovered one my favorite vintage shops in the neighborhood. Afterlife Boutique right between Valencia and 21st street.

They sell great 80’s & 90’s retro pieces and unique jewelry at really reasonable prices.Even though I had only a few minutes to browse I couldn’t help but get sucked into their great jewelry selection.

I snagged two pairs of earrings at really reasonable prices. The total was around 20 bucks which for quality jewelry, pretty amazing.


Golden Tattoo bracelet not from AfterLife, but  I had to pair it with my nice new earrings :p

So you’re walking in the Fillmore District when you start craving Mexican food and you wonder to yourself where do I go? You go to Tacobar!

Mike and I just stopped here on a sunny Saturday afternoon for a quick lunch. Sipping my margarita I enjoyed a shrimp quesadilla that was pretty filling. Also featured and also delicious – the chicken Torta.

Check back for more great local spots!

Store images from yelp


Mrs Box

I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet but… I’m now newly engaged. Yay! So this will be the first of many wedding inspo/related posts.

A few years ago I mentioned to my boyfriend (now fiancée) that when he proposes he needs to get me one of the Mrs Box.

My audacity right?

Pinning countless wedding related images I’ve encountered many photos of these beautiful little boxes; wrapped in velvet and always in a pretty color. The Mrs.Box is a brand that brings joy back to ring boxes in delicate and bright way. They call the boxes wedding heirlooms and being a sucker for any cute tradition I was hooked.

Mike (my fiancée) remembered my request and to my surprise I found myself presented with my engagement ring in a blush colored box.

I’m definitely a lucky lady and that little detail of a cute wedding box that I wanted years ago makes my engagement story even better. It goes to show the important people in your life will remember the little things as silly as they may seem <3

Gif images from Mrs.Box


Growing up in California I always heard of the Madonna Inn  with their famous themed rooms, pink cakes, and kitsch charm. A few weeks ago during for a quick overnight stop I was able to stay in the Vous Room. Ornate blue wallpaper, a round bed, and an all orange bathroom were just some of the amazing details this room had to offer. I couldn’t help myself from taking a bunch of photos.

Mirror Mirror on the wall… Continue Reading


Sunday Funday


Too many #goals. Trying to keep this blog current, kill it at my main job, freelance, work out, plan a wedding, post on instagram twice a day, keep a clean house, yadayadayada. Sometimes I need to learn to chillax.

Happy Sunday Everyone <3


Sweet 60’s Pattern

I’ve always been a fan of 60’s fashion – the bold prints, vibrant colors, and sweet silhouettes. When I saw this top at H&M (for only 8 bucks!) I flipped, and despite the slightly small size I fell in love. I typically pair this top with simple accessories – its the perfect statement top that pulls my outfit together. During this shoot I rocked messy buns, pink rimmed shades, and a vintage watch. I’m obsessed with vintage jewelry and anytime I can add it to an outfit I will!