Flawless Face Tutorial

On the daily my makeup routine is pretty simple: Flawless face, clean brows, shimmery eyes, with a little color on the lips. Collaborating with one of my favorite makeup artists Jeremy Z, we’ve created a step by step guide for easy everyday makeup look. 

  1. Starting with a bare faces (yikes look at my dark circles D:), apply hydrating moisturizer. We used  the Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream . I have super dry skin so this step is necessary to help the products blend in smoothly.
  2. Taking a beauty blender evenly apply your primer. We used Urban Decay’s Optical Illusion Primer, it erased my pores and gave me a soft velvety finish. You can also apply with your hands but Jeremy was being a little extra.
  3.   Blend, Blend, Blend your foundation right after. Urban Decays One & Done gave me a nice natural look and you can still see my freckles poke through.
  4. Ta Da! After those few steps my skin is brighter, less red, and even all over.
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San Francisco

Live It Local | A Mano

A Mano or “By Hand” is a trendy Italian restaurant located in Hayes Valley that is known for their heavenly handmade pastas and other flavorful dishes that won’t break the bank. Packed with my pocket-sized notebook and the thrill of Saturday night I was ready to check this place out. Not making reservations made me a little concerned about getting a table, but after a few minutes of waiting we were whisked to outdoor seating. Even though we didn’t get to droll over the Instagram-worthy decor, the outdoor heating kept us warm on that brisk night. Starting the dinner off with one of their feisty cocktails, I was feeling good and was pumped to enjoy some Italian food. Looking through the menu it was pretty tough making a decision, everything looked so damn good! We decided to start with the cauliflower, the healthy calm before the pasta storm. Perfectly crisp with lemon and chili drizzled in, this was no mere vegetable side but a star on its own. Eating it faster than it could cool down, I can firmly say this is the best cauliflower dish I’ve ever had. 

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Friday Fav’s | Hiller Goodspeed

Happy Friday Everyone! Since today is my favorite day of the week (obvi its in my blog name) going forward I’ll be sharing fun and inspiring things I find on the web every Friday. It might be makeup inspo, typography design, or even a cool event happening in SF. Today I’m sharing pieces from Hiller GoodSpeed; feel-good illustrations that mix whimsical colors and delicate lines to create something that makes me smile.

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