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July 2015


Back from the East Coast



It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything and its due to my recent trip to the east coast.
Even though it was only a 10-day trip, I was bouncing around state to state going from
New York to Connecticut then New Jersey.
I’ll be posting up my trip pictures soon, but till then I wanted to just keep everyone updated 🙂


Swimsuit Faves



I’m a terribly indecisive person so it’s no surprise that its taking me forever to settle on what bathing suit to get
for this summer season. Even though it never gets hot enough in SF for outdoor swimming, it doesn’t stop me from scouting the web high and low for cute bathing suits to be used on vacation. Pictured above are my favorites…

1.6 Shore Road By Pooja X UO has gorgeous contrasting colors and a unique cutout.

2. The light blue color and striped band give the River Island Elastic Tipped Top & Bottom a bit of an athletic feel.

3. The Lolli Swim Bikini is just a wonderful burst of pastel colors.

4. Marysia Palm Springs Scalloped Bikini would be the classic little black dress version of a bathing suit. Timeless with a hint of feminine detailing.