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August 2015

Best Day of the Week


Felt like this Friday took forever to come this week, with all these lame weekdays dragging along.
But alas the weekend is here and the excitement will last me all day carrying me through work.

Currently my plans involve recording videos for this blog, eating wings, and meeting some friends to go
dancing at some bar in the mission.

Anyone else have anything more interesting going on?




Happy Wednesday. I wish I had the day off to head to a beach and relax but instead I have my regular dailies.
Before I left for work I wanted to post some cool photos I found on this awesome vintage stock photo site.

The site is New Old Stock and all of the images are public domain and free for people to use.

Here are some of the ones that wowed me this tired Wednesday morning.

Lions Ballerina

Could you imagine training Lions? I can’t even train my regular cats and would probably
just cower in fear in the presence of these huge ones.

The Ballerina image is a bit eerie but still quite beautiful. I always wished that I could become a ballerina,
but I’m pretty sure the dream of that happening for me is long dead.
Considering that I’m 24 and have never taken a ballet class. I think my main motivator was the gorgeous outfits,
so I’m okay with that vocation slipping. I’ll stick with graphic design.

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Best Day Ever



Starting with this Friday and continuing every friday I’m going to start posting simple designs/animated
gifs to celebrate my favorite day of the week.


Enjoy your Friday everyone and get excited for the upcoming weekend!

To quote a fantastic 80’s band

“I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don’t care about you
It’s Friday I’m in love”