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October 2015


Checking In


Man, I haven’t posted a while.

The last few weeks I’ve been on a search for a new place to live since my rent spiked up 10 percent.

I’ve been so consumed by my task, I stopped working out, eating healthy, blogging…
Unfortunately my beautiful home city is one of the most expensive and competitive places to live,
and the stress carried around like a grey cloud.

After a whole month of open houses and with two weeks to spare,
I was able to find a new home in the form of an apartment in a building built around the 1920s.

Next weekend is halloween and my move in date, wish me luck!


Halloween Treats

I mentioned in an earlier post that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do I love  dressing up in costumes but I also enjoying finding everyday spooky themed items at my favorite stores. Check out the ones below!

Creep it real this halloween with this simple detailed  Bat shirt from Urban Outfitters.

Image_3Strapped for a costume? Try these Modlcloth tights  for a fast mummy accessory.

Check out out these chic Asos Cobweb Slippers while surfing the web.


Meoooow, this cat hairclip is super adorbs (and I ran out of puns).



Lazy Sunday


Today has been such a lazy day, waking up around 9 and hanging out till 11 when I decide my craving
for burger and fries has gotten the best of me (I’ve been trying to eat mega healthy during the week
but weekends I could care less).

Me and Mike end up walking to Dr. Teeth in the mission and I enjoyed a cheeseburger and the most delightfully crunchy truffle fries. After that we head home and I take a long nap because for me being full + warm weather= uncontrollable sleep time.

Now I’m trying to work on blog, finish my book (David Sedaris’s Naked), and get
a few more Gossip Girl episodes in.

XoxoAnyone have productive Sunday routines to share? 🙂