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November 2015


Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills


Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Unfortunately the warm and fuzzy time is over and the shopping mess is upon us.
I already purchased some new tops, jewels, and household items.


  1. This Scallop Catch-All Tray from Urban Outfitters will hopefully help in
    organizing all of my bottles of random items scattered around my bathroom.
  2. This H&M jacket has that chic kimono style.
  3. These Star and Moon Earrings remind me of my favorite super hero. ~*Sailor Moon*~
  4. This Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters will be a great addition to my living room.
  5. I’ve been looking for a bathmat and this Tiger Bath Mat  from Urban is adorable and a little silly.

Whats in my inbox/ Winter addtion

My gmail Promotions inbox is always blowing up with lots and lots of spam, but sprinkled in are  a few gems of beautiful email design.



J Crew
Clean typography paired with J. Crew’s fabulous holiday staples inspires and forces the shopper in me to check out their new collection. So success all around!

This vibrant image with Topiaries is almost too perfect to be real. Its keeps true to its brand and gives a subtle hint to the holidays without having to show an actual christmas tree.


Signed up for this mailing list during a slight obsession I had for film cameras. This banner is grabbing my attention with that gif and smooooth holiday type.



Autumn Look

A few weeks ago, before a bunch of  moving craziness took over my life I had a mini photoshoot with a Marsala inspired makeup look. Here are a few closeups of the eyeshadow with fierce lashes.

And here are some photos of my cats.
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