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December 2015


NYE Winter Look

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Happy New Year! Im currently making a mental list of my new years resolutions,
the first of which is dedicating more time and effort into this blog.
One of my goals last year was to start this blog, and ~*presto*~ here we are!
But my new goal is to add consistent quality content.
Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see more of!

Coat- Nordstrom

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Winter Wear


Its been a pretty chilly winter in SF this year. Not freezing like the rest of the country but definitely temperatures I’m not used to. This shoot was a while ago of a simple outfit meant for the sweater weather that came our way around October.

Sweater-H&M  Jeans-J Brand Heels-Chinese Laundry

Photos by the talented Zia Khan


So Long Farewell Avidazen Goodbye

I’m terrible with saying goodbyes. I’m a pretty emotional person sometimes and two Fridays ago all my feels got too way much for me while I was saying adios to my co-workers. Over the last 2 years and a half I had the pleasure of working with an amazing creative team and it was sad to leave.

I had learned and grown so much as a designer during that time and made many friends and mentors. Countless memories have been made and it all sadly came to an end as I teetered out with a box full of my hoarded knick-knacks and paper goods. I have started a new and exciting job in downtown SF, and its more challenging but I know it’ll help me grow my career as a designer at a faster pace. So as sad as it is to say goodbye I know its the best move.