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May 2016

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Sticker Mania

As a child of the 90’s I was obsessed with all things stickers. Sticker books, Sanrio sticker sheets, and those shimmery sailor moon sticker cards that I would pickup in China Town. Unfortunately today, my past obsession is hardly something I indulge in. I’ll blame adult life on that one. 

Recently I just got my agenda and to my delight there were pages of these adorable stickers! I’ll be definitely decking out this book with these bright sticky graphics. Who knows maybe I’ll even splurge and invest in some Japanese puffy stickers.

Anyone else love stickers as much as I do? Any recommendations for where I can find a legit sticker book?





I haven’t had too much time to sift though all of my vacation photos yet, but since being back I’ve helped my boyfriend create a pretty sweet video summing up our trip.  All of the places we’ve visited were breathtaking and amazing, definitely the best first Europe trip I could have asked for. Specially we’ve visited Amsterdam, lots of Ireland, and Budapest. Check out the video and let me know what you guys think!