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June 2016


Phone Case Inspo

I’ve been looking to upgrade my phone my iPhone 5s for a while now and this weekend I finally got around to visiting a Verizon Store. Unfortunately my upgrade isn’t available for another three months *tear*. My life is just one millennial struggle after another. Even though I have to wait for my new phone I have some adorable cases lined up.





Side note: I’m currently with Verizon but I’m looking to switch over to T-mobile. Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences to share? Any info would be appreciated 🙂



I snagged cheap tickets for a fun weekend getaway to portland a few months ago and I spent all last week planning it. Lots of activities were on my agenda and we managed to do most of them despite the ridiculous 100-degree heat.Image_7Our airbnb  was extremely well decorated and had a beautifully stylized bohemian look.

Image_1It was also the weekend of the awesome craft fair  Crafty Wonderland that featured a bunch of local artists. A rapper who performs with cats was also there and it felt like a skit from Portlandia.

Image_4Image_5Image_3After the fair we walked around a bit and found ourselves in downtown Portland where we found cool art and strong coffee.


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