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May 2017


Vintage Books

Once someone gets to know me they soon find out that I have an obsession with items of the past. Growing up I often visited my grandparents house that was filled with unique and old treasures that transported me to another time. Grandfather clocks, cookbooks from the 1950s, artifacts collected from all over the world inspired my young mind and influenced my interests of today. Now as an adult I surround myself with vintage books that have dated designs and old world wisdom. The pages in these book inspire and inform me on how things once were. Even though the info in this love book is totally cheesy and probably outdated, the vibrant colors and patterns are fun to look through. 

Vintage astrology/horoscope books are especially my favorite. I love looking at the delicate illustrations and reading about my sign. Its like I’m searching for information on my true self as told by the stars 🙂

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Springtime Coats

I  love a good statement piece. Big earrings, a bright coat, unique shoes, I’m all over it. Fashion should always be fun and a pop of color doesn’t hurt anyone :p

According to my finacee I need more basics and less statement pieces, but to that my response is that I live my life with an exclamation mark and I can’t be bothered with boring clothes. I of course still appreciate a good classic piece but this post isn’t about that, its about bright fun jackets!

Scouring the corners of the web I came upon these fun jackets that deserve a double take. The details, the colors, *swoon* they’re just too good to be true. Check them out!Asos Printed Coat in Ornate Floral This trench takes it to the next level with this powder blue shade and sprinkled in flowers.

Open Dolman Jacket This Free People jacket has that cool girl slouchy look that I’m obsessed with! The bohemian print weaves in pops of pink, green, and blue keeping it fresh and interesting.

Enid Ruffled Coat These ruffle sleeves give you that delightfully soft feminine detail with a punch in the face of color.



Right as Rain WaterProof Jacket This yellow coat is just too adorable and instantly makes me think of paddington bear and the Morton Salt Girl.

San Francisco

Live it Local | Media Noche

Foodies rejoice! San Francisco has gotten itself another amazing Cuban restaurant 🙂  Media Noche is located in the mission district and the interiors are very modern with strong Havana vibes. Their menu has a decent selection of rice bowls, sandwiches and a few healthier options too. Upon first glance I was instantly drawn to the Lechon Asado. I blame the Filipino part of me. Anytime theres Lechon on the menu I must order it.

The dishes were mouthwatering with great flavor and perfect portions. The Lechon bowl was bit heavier than I usually do for lunch but it was so worth the cheat.  Continue Reading