Vintage Books

Once someone gets to know me they soon find out that I have an obsession with items of the past. Growing up I often visited my grandparents house that was filled with unique and old treasures that transported me to another time. Grandfather clocks, cookbooks from the 1950s, artifacts collected from all over the world inspired my young mind and influenced my interests of today. Now as an adult I surround myself with vintage books that have dated designs and old world wisdom. The pages in these book inspire and inform me on how things once were. Even though the info in this love book is totally cheesy and probably outdated, the vibrant colors and patterns are fun to look through. 

Vintage astrology/horoscope books are especially my favorite. I love looking at the delicate illustrations and reading about my sign. Its like I’m searching for information on my true self as told by the stars 🙂

This Life science book has such a contrast of images – serious science photos and psychedelic timelines.

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