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With the hundreds of details that make up a memorable wedding, the cake is one of the big ones. There are so many traditions surrounding this confection; Saving the top tier for your first anniversary, the cutting of the cake, and the finding the perfect groom and bride toppers. I’m a sucker for traditions so you better believe I’ll be incorporating all of them in my wedding 🙂 There are a multitude of cake styles out there and I listed my favorites below. Not your traditional frosted covered cake, this style isn’t afraid to show a little skin :p. The naked style is unique and has that rustic/laid back vibe; when adorned with flowers or fruit its ready to be the reception showpiece.

This frosting style is subtle but adds such a visual interest and prettiness to the cake. I’m more of a fan of a buttercream finish than the usual perfect fondant, so this is a perfect choice! I want my cake is going to be a bit like me; slightly messy and yet put together 🙂Even though I was hating on fondant a little earlier; these painted cakes are show stopping and would be a highlight of any wedding. The artistry on these pieces are unreal, and as a creative person I would love that represented on a cake.

These bloom covered cakes are my more princess/girly girl option. For some reason the cascades of multicolor flowers give me vintage sixties vibes <3.

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