The Color Factory

Okay, clearly this post is way overdue. I’ve been so busy with planning wedding stuff I’ve had barely any time to blog 🙁 But finally I was able to go through my countless Color Factory images to share. Since I’m a huge fan of Oh Happy Day I found out about this instagram museum early and got tickets for the first weekend it was open. The Color Factory is a prime example of a  Selfie Factory ( I say Instagram Museum). To quote a WIRED article about this 21st century phenomenon, “To visit a museum in the 21st century is not just to see art, but to document and replicate it … I was there. I came, I saw, and I selfied.” which is exactly what I did.

I ended up visiting the Color Factory on three different occasions (notice the various outfits in these photos :p). The first two times I was with friends and family, and the last time was with my creative team. It was a little overkill, not a place you’d need to visit more than once, but it was a bunch of fun every time I went. Sweet treats and delightful surprises were around every corner and I was more inspired with each room I went through.

I was obsessed with this ribbon installation. The colors were so vibrant and honestly you can get lost inside. After enjoying the rainbow ribbons you find yourself walking up a pink illuminated stairwell.

I got a ton of confetti in my hair/clothes so I had to do a major shakedown after leaving this room. Got lots of great boomerangs in here 😀

For the finale you end up at a massive ball pit; a ball pit to end all ball pits, one to put all your past kid ball pit experiences to shame. This golden room was a dream – yellow is one of my favorite colors – and I loved being surrounded by it. The cutest illustrations were drawn all around; lots of fun puns that would give you a chuckle. 

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