2017 Highlights: Paris Trip

Between working full-time, planning a wedding, and just general life events this Paris post got pushed way out (we went last February :o)! Finally I have gotten around to editing and organizing these lovely pictures to share. This trip is definitely one for the memory books – it was my first time in Paris, we ran to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, and my best friend proposed to me! We only had four days in the city of love, and to make the most of it we visited a bunch of historic sites, ate at delicious Pâtisseries, and walked around everywhere!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame was surreal. I’ve probably seen hundreds of photos or depictions of them in my lifetime but seeing them in person was like WOAH. Both locations were busy with tourists but it wasn’t too claustrophobic; we were still able to walk around and find nice quiet spots to take the view in.

I was inspired by all of the vibrant colors, street art, and hand lettering adorning local businesses. We walked around so much on this trip and in addition to finding creative inspiration, I found beautiful desserts that made my mouth water and eyes go wide. I have only seen such pretty treats in The Great British Bakeoff. We sipped and daintily snacked on sweets at a few spots but I’d have to say L’Eclair De Genie was my favorite. Their uniquely decorated, glossy eclairs caught my eye immediately and the flavors were heavenly. I of course also was on the hunt for crepes, so we stopped at La Creperie for breakfast. I indulged in a caramel banana dream and Mike got something a bit more savory. As from my stuffed face below you can see that everything we had was delish!

After some extensive online research I found a flea market for us to visit. Located just on the outskirts of the city,  Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen is a combined cluster of stands, alleyways, and booths that sells everything from screen printed movie posters to baby doll heads. I bought a few items from a booth that specialized in vintage plastic toys and accessories. It was fun dropping by the flea market and seeing the vast collection of antique items, but being the super paranoid person I am, I was a bit afraid of being pick pocketed. This was due to our Uber Driver giving us a direct warning and the groups of people crowding some of the alleyways. Just mentioning this in case you’re an anxious person thinking of going 🙂

We took a 5-hour tour of Versailles Palace and Marie-Antoinette’s Trianon through Viator. It sounds like a long tour but there was so much to see that the hours slipped by quickly! The ornate rooms, epic statues, and grand architecture blew my mind. Such opulence! If you’re thinking of visiting I highly recommend taking some kind of tour, the transportation and skip-the-line passes were such time savers and it’s nice having an informed guide describe the significance of the various palace rooms.

Our airbnb couldn’t be more perfect; great view, located near a bunch of shops/restaurants, and gorgeous interiors. The racks of art and Parisian-living books were a nice touch, I caught myself flipping through these fun pages throughout my whole stay.

From the moment our train arrived my heart was charmed by Paris – the artfully crafted buildings, the culture around food, and years of history shown through art and architecture are things I’m missing back home. I say this, although after all my trips I feel the same way; ready to take off my rose-colored shades and get back to my regular life with my cozy SF apartment and two cute kitties. They do say San Francisco is a very European city, so at least I’m living somewhere close to the real thing >_<

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