About Me

Welcome to Friday Funday! I’m Kim, the lady running the show. This blog is where I post the scatterings of my creative non-stop mind.

A bit about me…

I’m a loud and proud San Francisco native, second generation in fact. I grew up in the tenderloin neighborhood,  went to public school on Haight Street, and bounced around museums and music venues during my high school years. I’m truly a city girl; always on the go and trying to maximize every part of my life. Its not always a good thing and often I find myself in need of a chill-pill. Although not to worry, I’m actually pretty friendly and fun once you get to know me 🙂

I’ve always been a very creative person; devouring art books, collecting patterned scraps of paper, and messing around with cameras. It was no surprise that I became a graphic designer, and I’m lucky to have a career where I get to push my creativity everyday. This is clearly manifested in some of my posts where I’ll sprinkle in gifs, illustrations, and hand letterings.

Fashion and beauty are also obsessions of mine that I will often post about. Mixing vintage with contemporary pieces is my M-O, and no one can rock an old man sweater or clip on earrings like I can. I love thrift store shopping, scouting out sample sales, and finding fashion at a steal.

Beauty on the other hand is a whole other beast. Watching countless youtube tutorials during the Michelle Phan early years, selling makeup throughout college, and even having a brief stint designing for Benefit Cosmetics has made me a makeup fan for life. My hope is to start posting makeup photo tutorials soon!

Adding quality content on this blog is a major priority and I’ll do my best to post something every Wednesday & Friday! Designing full time, working out, and planning a wedding (did I mention I was engaged?) keeps me pretty busy but please keep stopping by to catch up with me and hopefully discover something inspiring/interesting.