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Cali Girl Vibes

Summer is fading out in the distance and before its fully through I wanted to feature one more summer in SF look. I found this graphic bodysuit at Charlotte Russe; The pastel tie dye is so fun and has a subtle 60’s influence to it. Pairing it with a denim jacket and skirt is a little bit of a Canadian Tuxedo , but I don’t think its too cheesy.

The sun was shining pretty bright while were shooting these images, it was tough keeping my eyes open :p Before I purchased this purse I thought it might be too novel for everyday use, but the neutral color and fun shape works perfectly with most of my outfits. To add a bit of personality I added a retro handkerchief that I picked up at the SF Vintage Paper Fair. Its actually happening again this weekend, so if you’re a big fan of vintage like I am you must check it out! Continue Reading


Showing Skin | Sunscreen

If I’m being honest, I’m extremely lazy when it comes to skincare. I barely wash my face, I throw on moisturizer (when I remember) , and I get my daily dose of sunscreen usually through my foundation. *Pause for Gasps* Having gone to multiple skincare trainings, I’ve learned all the tips and tricks on how to prevent the aging process, so I literally have no excuse for my bad behavior :/ I’m starting this recurring series Showing Skin to highlight products that belong in your morning/nightly routine! Reviews, advice, and quotes from my favorite makeup artist Jeremy Z will be shared.

Alright enough info, lets take this skincare journey one step at a time. Starting with Sunscreen!

In addition to being life-threatening, sun damage is the main cause of wrinkles, lines, and premature aging to the skin. Scary and avoidable side effects that can be avoided by throwing on a little SPF on that pretty face for protection. Even though I live in Fog City and spend most of my time under indoor lights, I too need to remember to slather it on daily. You only live once (YOLO) so might as well help your skin stay plump. Am I right?!

Below are some my primo sunscreen options to help you start the habit that will save your skin from doom!

Invisible Shield SPF 35

I’ve been a fan of Glossier  for quite a while and when they started teasing their sunscreen on their insta I was so excited. Finally an easy and instagram-worthy sunscreen :p Its a gel-based formula that goes on smooth, no greasy, ghost-like effect you might get from other inferior products. “Daily sunscreen” is also printed right on the packaging, this brand clearly knows whats up.

Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion

I got this sunscreen as a Sephora sample. Tarte as a brand formulates all of their products with naturally derived ingredients, so I know I don’t have to worry about any weird skin reactions from harsh chemicals. It gives me the perfect thin layer of sunscreen before I add the rest of my makeup. My only critique is that I have to give the bottle a shake-shake due to some seperation, but really in the grand scheme of things is that anything to complain about?

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Surprise Engagement Party

About a month ago my lovely friends planned a surprise soiree to celebrate my recent engagement. It was held at Chambers , the swanky bar/restaurant attached to the Phoenix hotel. I just thought I was meeting a girlfriend for casual drinks, but once we turned the corner outside all of my girlfriends were lined up around a table. There were gorgeous flowers, friends I haven’t seen in months, and huge golden lettering spelling out “YAY”. I was utterly speechless. I’m not easily surprised (I’m a very suspicious person) but I was totally blind-sided in the most delightful way. Often getting caught up with the day-to-day of work, gym, yada yada it was nice to catch up with all of my closest girlfriends in one night <3

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