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Flawless Face Tutorial

On the daily my makeup routine is pretty simple: Flawless face, clean brows, shimmery eyes, with a little color on the lips. Collaborating with one of my favorite makeup artists Jeremy Z, we’ve created a step by step guide for easy everyday makeup look. 

  1. Starting with a bare faces (yikes look at my dark circles D:), apply hydrating moisturizer. We used  the Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream . I have super dry skin so this step is necessary to help the products blend in smoothly.
  2. Taking a beauty blender evenly apply your primer. We used Urban Decay’s Optical Illusion Primer, it erased my pores and gave me a soft velvety finish. You can also apply with your hands but Jeremy was being a little extra.
  3.   Blend, Blend, Blend your foundation right after. Urban Decays One & Done gave me a nice natural look and you can still see my freckles poke through.
  4. Ta Da! After those few steps my skin is brighter, less red, and even all over.
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Showing Skin | Sunscreen

If I’m being honest, I’m extremely lazy when it comes to skincare. I barely wash my face, I throw on moisturizer (when I remember) , and I get my daily dose of sunscreen usually through my foundation. *Pause for Gasps* Having gone to multiple skincare trainings, I’ve learned all the tips and tricks on how to prevent the aging process, so I literally have no excuse for my bad behavior :/ I’m starting this recurring series Showing Skin to highlight products that belong in your morning/nightly routine! Reviews, advice, and quotes from my favorite makeup artist Jeremy Z will be shared.

Alright enough info, lets take this skincare journey one step at a time. Starting with Sunscreen!

In addition to being life-threatening, sun damage is the main cause of wrinkles, lines, and premature aging to the skin. Scary and avoidable side effects that can be avoided by throwing on a little SPF on that pretty face for protection. Even though I live in Fog City and spend most of my time under indoor lights, I too need to remember to slather it on daily. You only live once (YOLO) so might as well help your skin stay plump. Am I right?!

Below are some my primo sunscreen options to help you start the habit that will save your skin from doom!

Invisible Shield SPF 35

I’ve been a fan of Glossier  for quite a while and when they started teasing their sunscreen on their insta I was so excited. Finally an easy and instagram-worthy sunscreen :p Its a gel-based formula that goes on smooth, no greasy, ghost-like effect you might get from other inferior products. “Daily sunscreen” is also printed right on the packaging, this brand clearly knows whats up.

Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion

I got this sunscreen as a Sephora sample. Tarte as a brand formulates all of their products with naturally derived ingredients, so I know I don’t have to worry about any weird skin reactions from harsh chemicals. It gives me the perfect thin layer of sunscreen before I add the rest of my makeup. My only critique is that I have to give the bottle a shake-shake due to some seperation, but really in the grand scheme of things is that anything to complain about?

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Who runs the world? Girls!


This Saturday was such an inspiring, and empowering day. Women’s marches and rallies were happening all over the country (and world), and I was lucky enough to join the thousands at the San Francisco event. It was amazing to witness such a huge and diverse crowd come together to support women’s rights .

After my grumpy morning photo was taken, the first stop on Saturday was at Arc Studios.  “F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way” was the current exhibit that featured a bunch of feminist pieces by a badass woman.

These two top pieces were created by my friend Rachel O’Donnell who is an artist currently living in East Hollywood.

After the gallery I headed over to the rally with a bunch of girlfriends. There was a multitude of unique signs to greet us with bright colors and fierce sayings. There were also countless pink pussy hats uniting the group. It was fantastic.

For someone who doesn’t usually attend rallies this was an empowering and life-changing experience. Enduring the cold and rain with thousands in support of women’s rights really made a statement that the future is female.