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Best Day of the Week

Best Day of the Week

Freakin’ Amazing Its Friday!


Even though I was one of the lucky ones to have Monday off, this week still kinda seemed to drag along. Honestly, I’m being a brat – this week wasn’t that bad but I am extremely excited for the weekend. I plan on doing a whole lot’a nothing and to watch a bunch of classic movies for film inspiration.

Click on the TVs to check out the trailers. Any other classics I should watch this weekend?

Charade Metropolis



Best Day of the Week


Felt like this Friday took forever to come this week, with all these lame weekdays dragging along.
But alas the weekend is here and the excitement will last me all day carrying me through work.

Currently my plans involve recording videos for this blog, eating wings, and meeting some friends to go
dancing at some bar in the mission.

Anyone else have anything more interesting going on?