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Tarot Card Designs

If I’m being honest I’ve been a Tarot skeptic for a long time due to my catholic upbringing. Tarot is in no way sacrilegious but due to my past misunderstandings I’ve had my oppositions.  After getting my reading done the other day I’m much more open to the idea of the universe speaking through the cards and helping reveal things about myself that I have yet to come to terms with. It was a very accurate for my intention and it gave me a helpful understanding of my present situation and direction.

I had my cards read by Matthew of The Hanged Man Co who does a pop up Monday Nights at the Fig & Thistle. This was definitely a great first time experience; he gave me lots of insightful information in a cozy and chill environment. Fig & Thistle is a hidden gem in Hayes Valley and if you find yourself in the neighborhood you should check it out 🙂

Before I knew anything about Tarot I always found the images to be fascinating. The illustrations are strange and foreign, filled with deeper meaning and symbolism. I’m intrigued by most occult imagery so my interest in this ancient art is no surprise. The cards below were created by present-day designers and artists and are unique stylized versions of your classic Tarot cards.

Min’s Tarot Card Deck -These cards have minimal line drawings and fun pops of color. These definitely give me a cutesy vibe and if I were getting a reading with these I probably would be smiling the whole time.The Tarot by Oliver Hilbert -These illustrations are the sickest and my personal favorite. Oliver Hilbert has such a distinct style, nodding to the psychedelic 60’s while bringing in insanely bright images and surreal characters. If you’re not familiar with his work, stop what you’re doing and check out his world of madness here (after you finish reading this blog post of course :p). Under the eyeballs, melted scenery, and rainbow backdrops you still find the classic imagery of the tarot.

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Designer on Spot: Romain Gorisse

Finding myself in a deep hole of inspiration via Pinterest, I stumbled upon the work of Romain Gorisse. He’s a graphic designer located in Copenhagen and his work is making me seriously jelly.  The incredible use of color makes me feel things, and those gradients give me goose bumps.

Check out more of his work here


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Sticker Mania

As a child of the 90’s I was obsessed with all things stickers. Sticker books, Sanrio sticker sheets, and those shimmery sailor moon sticker cards that I would pickup in China Town. Unfortunately today, my past obsession is hardly something I indulge in. I’ll blame adult life on that one. 

Recently I just got my agenda and to my delight there were pages of these adorable stickers! I’ll be definitely decking out this book with these bright sticky graphics. Who knows maybe I’ll even splurge and invest in some Japanese puffy stickers.

Anyone else love stickers as much as I do? Any recommendations for where I can find a legit sticker book?



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Giant Ant

When I’m at work and the day just seems to drag on I usually put on my headphones and get sucked into a podcast. Some of my favorites are This American Life, 99 percent invisible, and lately the Collective Podcast.

This past week I listened to their episode featuring the couple that started the animation studio Giant Ant. It was inspiring hearing their start in separate creative fields, creating a viral video, then getting continuous work from it – so much so that they needed to start a company.

Its definitely worth a listen.

Here are some of my favorite pieces by them…


Whats in my inbox/ Winter addtion

My gmail Promotions inbox is always blowing up with lots and lots of spam, but sprinkled in are  a few gems of beautiful email design.



J Crew
Clean typography paired with J. Crew’s fabulous holiday staples inspires and forces the shopper in me to check out their new collection. So success all around!

This vibrant image with Topiaries is almost too perfect to be real. Its keeps true to its brand and gives a subtle hint to the holidays without having to show an actual christmas tree.


Signed up for this mailing list during a slight obsession I had for film cameras. This banner is grabbing my attention with that gif and smooooth holiday type.