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Planners for the New Year!

Even though I live my life in the digital world, I still prefer to write down notes, doodle on paper scraps, and read physical books that I can display on a bookshelf. Thats why at the start of the year I always get myself a planner where I can take down my to-dos, hopes, dreams, yada yada. Unfortunately, an agenda is something you only buy once a year, so if you’re like me it can be a tough decision. Unless you live your life by a Google calendar and don’t really give a fuck. Either way, I have gone through the trouble to choose some damn fine agendas for you to look through! Enjoy 😀

1. Turquoise Brush Diary by Ohh Deer – I’m such a fan of anything with crazy vibrant brushstrokes. It’s a bit like the inside of my mind, bright creative energy thats all over the place, although somehow it works! The teal color of this planner is so fresh and perfect to help kick start your year with a little pizzaz. Its also really compact, so take it wherever you go!

2. Melbourne 2018 Planner – When I visited Anthropologie a few weeks ago my mouth dropped when I saw the gifts and stationary area. I wanted to buy everything; which was why I stopped browsing and started walking away. 🙁 Saving for a wedding sucks! This sophisticated plant patterned agenda was one of the products I was drawn to right away. The rich shades and goal planning sections will help you keep on track and let people know you have good taste!

3. 2018 Herb Garden by Rifle Paper Co – Clearly I have a thing for florals, and nobody does them better than the Rifle Paper Company! This print is ridiculously beautiful – the colors, painted flowers – its all magnifique if you ask me. Inside you’ll find a simple layout that make it easy to list out all your to-dos.

4. Holographic Planner – Just so you know, I’m a huge fan of the brand (I mean who isn’t?!), and I actually have this planner so I might be biased. The holographic front is so cool – its purple, pink, blue, or green depending on how I angle it. There are illustrations for each month and sticker pages that have the 90’s child in me squealing. You’ll also find sprinkled in compliments that’ll make you smile. They even have a page dedicated to all those random holidays you only find out about on social media. Know when national cat day is? I do :p

5. 2018 Abstract Fruit Planner – What better way to remind yourself to add more fruits to your diet then to see them on your planner everyday? I love the hand drawn illustrations and dotted patterns that cover the inside pages.

6. 2018 Icon by Rifle Paper Co – This little black book will keep all your secret plans safe. The cover is full of golden icons that take everyday items to shimmery heights. Also since it’s Rifle Paper Co you can expect to find their signature floral patterns inside.

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Upscale Collage

Does anyone remember way back in art class where used magazines, glue sticks, and scissors would be scattered on tables for a classic collage art project? The process of choosing images to mix and match with other photos was so fun. Sometimes it didn’t matter exactly how it looked, but rather if it was able to represent a meaning. Sometimes it was more about the process. I found some damn good-looking collage pieces this weekend to share.

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Tarot Card Designs

If I’m being honest I’ve been a Tarot skeptic for a long time due to my catholic upbringing. Tarot is in no way sacrilegious but due to my past misunderstandings I’ve had my oppositions.  After getting my reading done the other day I’m much more open to the idea of the universe speaking through the cards and helping reveal things about myself that I have yet to come to terms with. It was a very accurate for my intention and it gave me a helpful understanding of my present situation and direction.

I had my cards read by Matthew of The Hanged Man Co who does a pop up Monday Nights at the Fig & Thistle. This was definitely a great first time experience; he gave me lots of insightful information in a cozy and chill environment. Fig & Thistle is a hidden gem in Hayes Valley and if you find yourself in the neighborhood you should check it out 🙂

Before I knew anything about Tarot I always found the images to be fascinating. The illustrations are strange and foreign, filled with deeper meaning and symbolism. I’m intrigued by most occult imagery so my interest in this ancient art is no surprise. The cards below were created by present-day designers and artists and are unique stylized versions of your classic Tarot cards.

Min’s Tarot Card Deck -These cards have minimal line drawings and fun pops of color. These definitely give me a cutesy vibe and if I were getting a reading with these I probably would be smiling the whole time.The Tarot by Oliver Hilbert -These illustrations are the sickest and my personal favorite. Oliver Hilbert has such a distinct style, nodding to the psychedelic 60’s while bringing in insanely bright images and surreal characters. If you’re not familiar with his work, stop what you’re doing and check out his world of madness here (after you finish reading this blog post of course :p). Under the eyeballs, melted scenery, and rainbow backdrops you still find the classic imagery of the tarot.

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