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Big Sweaters


As January rolls to an end and the new year buzz simmers down so does the temperature. I’ve always been really into the oversized sweater look and these photos are great inspiration.



These sweaters would be delightful additions to any wardrobe.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


A little Luxe

As an effort to help me stop biting my nails I had them painted a vibrant pinky/fuchsia color. To display them in this photoshoot I decided to contrast them against some white objects I had around the house. Happy Monday!Image5Image2


NYE Winter Look

Image_4 (0-00-00-00)

Happy New Year! Im currently making a mental list of my new years resolutions,
the first of which is dedicating more time and effort into this blog.
One of my goals last year was to start this blog, and ~*presto*~ here we are!
But my new goal is to add consistent quality content.
Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see more of!

Coat- Nordstrom

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Winter Wear


Its been a pretty chilly winter in SF this year. Not freezing like the rest of the country but definitely temperatures I’m not used to. This shoot was a while ago of a simple outfit meant for the sweater weather that came our way around October.

Sweater-H&M  Jeans-J Brand Heels-Chinese Laundry

Photos by the talented Zia Khan


Halloween Treats

I mentioned in an earlier post that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do I love  dressing up in costumes but I also enjoying finding everyday spooky themed items at my favorite stores. Check out the ones below!

Creep it real this halloween with this simple detailed  Bat shirt from Urban Outfitters.

Image_3Strapped for a costume? Try these Modlcloth tights  for a fast mummy accessory.

Check out out these chic Asos Cobweb Slippers while surfing the web.


Meoooow, this cat hairclip is super adorbs (and I ran out of puns).






I love thrifting and collecting beautiful vintage pieces, whether it be jewelry,
a peter pan collared shirt or a fancy silk scarf.

Here are a few key pieces from my scarf collection. All vintage except for the blue one,
which is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store in NY.




Swimsuit Faves



I’m a terribly indecisive person so it’s no surprise that its taking me forever to settle on what bathing suit to get
for this summer season. Even though it never gets hot enough in SF for outdoor swimming, it doesn’t stop me from scouting the web high and low for cute bathing suits to be used on vacation. Pictured above are my favorites…

1.6 Shore Road By Pooja X UO has gorgeous contrasting colors and a unique cutout.

2. The light blue color and striped band give the River Island Elastic Tipped Top & Bottom a bit of an athletic feel.

3. The Lolli Swim Bikini is just a wonderful burst of pastel colors.

4. Marysia Palm Springs Scalloped Bikini would be the classic little black dress version of a bathing suit. Timeless with a hint of feminine detailing.