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Shooting More Photos

The New Year is approaching and one of my resolutions is to take more photos for original content. Typically I’m a fan of posting curated images and art but for 2017 I’ll be shooting much more. Prepared with my new camera, Canon’s latest mirrorless model the EOS M5 EF-M 18-150 mm, you’ll see more photos from me on the blog or an instagram near you. If you aren’t already following me my username is friday.funday.

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Phone Case Inspo

I’ve been looking to upgrade my phone my iPhone 5s for a while now and this weekend I finally got around to visiting a Verizon Store. Unfortunately my upgrade isn’t available for another three months *tear*. My life is just one millennial struggle after another. Even though I have to wait for my new phone I have some adorable cases lined up.





Side note: I’m currently with Verizon but I’m looking to switch over to T-mobile. Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences to share? Any info would be appreciated 🙂

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Sticker Mania

As a child of the 90’s I was obsessed with all things stickers. Sticker books, Sanrio sticker sheets, and those shimmery sailor moon sticker cards that I would pickup in China Town. Unfortunately today, my past obsession is hardly something I indulge in. I’ll blame adult life on that one. 

Recently I just got my agenda and to my delight there were pages of these adorable stickers! I’ll be definitely decking out this book with these bright sticky graphics. Who knows maybe I’ll even splurge and invest in some Japanese puffy stickers.

Anyone else love stickers as much as I do? Any recommendations for where I can find a legit sticker book?




Finding a Hobby: Part 1

So very recently I’ve been thinking of picking up a new hobby, something out of the realm of staring at a computer screen all day.

Still wanting to stick to something creative, I decided to go with an embroidery bootcamp. I’m taking it at The Workshop, a trendy studio that has weekly adult DIY classes.

After looking up some embroidery inspo I’m pumped to take the class, in hopes of becoming the best damn embroiderer anyone has ever met. Not sure if that dream is ever going to happen, but here are some pieces from people actually killing it at this craft.






Vintage Photo Booth


I have always loved the charm of vintage photo booths.  Maybe its the small picture strips or the use of real film.  They are scattered around the city and I try to make use of them when I can.  Here are some of my favorites from the past.



Happy Friday!


February brings love


February is  finally upon us and my favorite holiday is coming up! Valentines day brings the best decorations/novelty items, and I simply love celebrating love! I hope this inspiration board brings you some Monday cheer 🙂