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Tiptoeing through

3In two weeks i’ll be jetting off to Europe for the very first time. Destination no.1 will be Amsterdam, land of the multi-colored tulips spanning fields and fields. A real tulipalooza. I’m pretty excited to visit and I still have to compile a list of places I want to go. 

Does anyone have any Amsterdam sights that I should check out?



New York

I finally got a chance to go through all of my photos from my trip to New York a few months ago.



One of the stops during my east coast trip was Syracuse. There wasn’t too much to see but I was able
to keep busy visiting the beautiful old buildings surrounded by bright summer greenery.

Captured the Gemini Twins and Cancer from Grand Central Station’s collection of constellations.

The first night I went on a water taxi with my awesome boyfriend Mike. We got to see amazing views of the island and
received a dainty glass of champagne – I  highly recommend it. And if anyone is wondering, the sky was
not that purple/pink when I took that Brooklyn Bridge photo :p


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Back from the East Coast



It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything and its due to my recent trip to the east coast.
Even though it was only a 10-day trip, I was bouncing around state to state going from
New York to Connecticut then New Jersey.
I’ll be posting up my trip pictures soon, but till then I wanted to just keep everyone updated 🙂