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Sunday Funday


Too many #goals. Trying to keep this blog current, kill it at my main job, freelance, work out, plan a wedding, post on instagram twice a day, keep a clean house, yadayadayada. Sometimes I need to learn to chillax.

Happy Sunday Everyone <3


So Long Farewell Avidazen Goodbye

I’m terrible with saying goodbyes. I’m a pretty emotional person sometimes and two Fridays ago all my feels got too way much for me while I was saying adios to my co-workers. Over the last 2 years and a half I had the pleasure of working with an amazing creative team and it was sad to leave.

I had learned and grown so much as a designer during that time and made many friends and mentors. Countless memories have been made and it all sadly came to an end as I teetered out with a box full of my hoarded knick-knacks and paper goods. I have started a new and exciting job in downtown SF, and its more challenging but I know it’ll help me grow my career as a designer at a faster pace. So as sad as it is to say goodbye I know its the best move.