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A Perfect Match / Take the Cake

With the hundreds of details that make up a memorable wedding, the cake is one of the big ones. There are so many traditions surrounding this confection; Saving the top tier for your first anniversary, the cutting of the cake, and the finding the perfect groom and bride toppers. I’m a sucker for traditions so you better believe I’ll be incorporating all of them in my wedding 🙂 There are a multitude of cake styles out there and I listed my favorites below. Not your traditional frosted covered cake, this style isn’t afraid to show a little skin :p. The naked style is unique and has that rustic/laid back vibe; when adorned with flowers or fruit its ready to be the reception showpiece.

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A Perfect Match / Flower Power

As I’m setting into life as an newly engaged woman, I’m now starting to take a more decisive look at my wedding inspiration images in magazines, pinterest, etc. Before it was just for fun seeing all the amazing options out there, but now I have a timeline and decisions need to be made. (Although I do still have nearly a year and a half before the big day)

Today’s post is on flowers that strike my fancy and bouquets that are beyond belief. I’m still trying to settle on a color scheme or “theme” for the wedding but I think starting with the flowers is the best way for me to narrow it down. 

“Choose daisies, and you and your love will always be true to one another.” – Fortune-Telling Book For Brides

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Mrs Box

I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet but… I’m now newly engaged. Yay! So this will be the first of many wedding inspo/related posts.

A few years ago I mentioned to my boyfriend (now fiancée) that when he proposes he needs to get me one of the Mrs Box.

My audacity right?

Pinning countless wedding related images I’ve encountered many photos of these beautiful little boxes; wrapped in velvet and always in a pretty color. The Mrs.Box is a brand that brings joy back to ring boxes in delicate and bright way. They call the boxes wedding heirlooms and being a sucker for any cute tradition I was hooked.

Mike (my fiancée) remembered my request and to my surprise I found myself presented with my engagement ring in a blush colored box.

I’m definitely a lucky lady and that little detail of a cute wedding box that I wanted years ago makes my engagement story even better. It goes to show the important people in your life will remember the little things as silly as they may seem <3

Gif images from Mrs.Box