Spontaneous Couples Shoot

A few weeks ago me, Mike, and our handy dandy tripod took a drive to San Francisco’s Lands End trail to shoot some photos for our wedding website. To be honest I haven’t had much experience shooting photos with the tripod so I was a little iffy about how these would turn out. To my surprise the combo of overcast weather and the help of a lighting app we were able to get some great shots. The wedding website is probably going to stay under construction for a while since I’m spending most of my time reaching out to vendors for our big day. 

Lots of super cheesy poses (of course) but with the mixture of fun illustrations they feel more our style. The 10 second timer took three photos at a time so there was a lot of shuffling to get the poses right. Below is my “She Said Yes!” photo with my bling bling shining bright. 

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The Color Factory

Okay, clearly this post is way overdue. I’ve been so busy with planning wedding stuff I’ve had barely any time to blog 🙁 But finally I was able to go through my countless Color Factory images to share. Since I’m a huge fan of Oh Happy Day I found out about this instagram museum early and got tickets for the first weekend it was open. The Color Factory is a prime example of a  Selfie Factory ( I say Instagram Museum). To quote a WIRED article about this 21st century phenomenon, “To visit a museum in the 21st century is not just to see art, but to document and replicate it … I was there. I came, I saw, and I selfied.” which is exactly what I did.

I ended up visiting the Color Factory on three different occasions (notice the various outfits in these photos :p). The first two times I was with friends and family, and the last time was with my creative team. It was a little overkill, not a place you’d need to visit more than once, but it was a bunch of fun every time I went. Sweet treats and delightful surprises were around every corner and I was more inspired with each room I went through.

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New York Fashion Week : Spring/Summer 2018 Favorites

A month ago New York Fashion week brought so many striking looks for the Spring & Summer of 2018. Going through the various collections, I picked out some of my favorite pieces. I’m a huge fan of vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and fun details and the outfits reflect this below. Entering the winter months, the upcoming 2018 Spring/Summer collections get me excited for the new year (even though we’re still months away :p)

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